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Invite them along for the fun, and you both get up to 50% off your next box!

The more friends you invite, the more monthly discounts you receive!

A few Ts and Cs

You must be an existing subscriber or previously have bought a gift box to be eligible.

Your referral must buy using the buy buttons in the Referral Shop (accessed via the 'refer friends now' button above) to receive the discounts for you and your friends, otherwise it won't get recorded as a referral.

Referrals to a Gift Box = You get 10% discount for your next monthly box, or purchase valid for 3 months after the referral purchase date. Your friend gets 10% discount from their gift box

Referrals to a Monthly Subscription: You get 50% discount for your next month if you are a subscriber, or from a Gift Box valid for 3 months after the referral purchase date. Your friend gets 50% off their first month's subscription, which they can cancel anytime.

You can refer as many friends per month as you like and accrue more benefits by doing so (i.e. 10% off for 1 gift box referral, 20% off for 2 and so forth). However, benefits will not be carried over month by month.

What can incentivise them to share it via socials?


We know you wouldn't do any of this stuff - but just so it's clear:

We check all referral links, so please do not try and make referrals if you are not a member

You may not earn Referral Rewards by creating multiple Accounts. You may not post your unique referral link on any public forum or coupon site, doing so will result in the reversal of any Credits earned and may result in your account becoming suspended. By acquiring Referral Rewards, you agree and acknowledge that KiwiCo is granting you a limited, revocable license to a digital item, and that Referral Rewards are not your personal property. You may not obtain any cash or money in exchange for Referral Rewards. Except as explicitly provided herein, Referral Rewards are non-transferable. Members are responsible for keeping track of the Referral Rewards in their Accounts