September 0-3 English - Books By Ani

Welcome to the September box!

Let's look at this month's theme


This month we're in the mood for discovering new things! We have noticed that our little ones are so curious all the time, so we have designed this box to encourage learning about animals and nature and make it super fun!


The book that you are receiving is full of fun and cheeky characters! Enjoy it, and maybe it might spark some ideas for exploration! We loved the following links which will give us some outdoor things to do while the weather is still good!


7 fun things to do outside

10 nature activities for kids


We hope you enjoy this month's experience as much as we have enjoyed preparing it!


Important note: Although we always research thoroughly, things change fast online so please do not feel that anything you see on any other site than represents Books By Ani's point of view. If you ever have any questions about this box, links we've pointed you to, or ANYTHING else - we're always here and we love to chat!